Chastity,  Erotica

Erotica: The Perfect Evening

My mouth is about to take in your swollen, albeit so deliciously imprisoned cock, when I detect some precum starting to leak. I lovingly clean it off with my fingers and smear it across your lips, prying open that slut mouth of yours as I push them nice and deep, making you gag. I let you know that those sounds you make get me even wetter. That my panties are soaked, that I’m completely starved for you. 

Not for your mouth, not for a dildo strapped above your cage, but you– your cock inside me, thrusting nice and deep as I ride it. My mouth on yours, tongues intertwined, sucking the breath out of you as I moan. Your key– our key, dangling and grazing your chest, reminding you of the power I hold over you.

“I’m your queen,” I say, kissing your inner thigh. “I’m your Goddess, your everything.” Those kisses turn into soft love bites. “Conversely, you are my kneeling knight, my devoted acolyte, my everything.” I tease you in your cage with my mouth. Licking the tip, the shaft, tasting the metal between my tongue and your skin. I feel you struggle so helplessly against your bindings. 

“You’re so beautiful when you struggle,” I tell you, feeling your body squirm, your breathing coming out in short, rapid breaths as you clench your teeth and focus on not giving in to me.

I cave in and unlock you. My craving for you outmatches the pleasure of having you caged and suffering for me. My mouth continues to tease you, your cock finally free to grow and harden fully, doing so inside my mouth until I deem it ready to give me the release and closeness I need from you.

I have you nice and plugged. I can feel and hear the subtle vibrations, and I’m surprised you haven’t given in to climaxing yet. You’ve certainly improved in restraint. I change the rhythm to quick and short vibrations out of sheer sadism. You’ve been released you from your cage, but I haven’t said anything about letting you cum. 

I slide my soaked panties to the side, slowly sitting on your cock, savoring every inch and how easily stretches me out due to how absolutely wet I am. I can’t help but gasp and moan loudly. No hollow sheath, no silicone replica, no strap-on compares to feeling you, just you, inside me. 

I gently chastise you for thrusting your hips desperately against me. You’re allowed to struggle, moan, groan and curse under your breath, but by no means are you allowed to thrust. You’re quite literally my fucktoy now, and fucktoys don’t get to move or seek to selfishly pleasure themselves. 

I grind and ride against you, but I need more. I press myself against you, breasts against your moistened skin, feeling the movement of the chain around my neck. I know seeing that key alone hang between my breasts drives you wild. I can only imagine how you must feel having it against your skin while I pleasure myself using you.

I want you. I’ve been wanting you for some time. Your tongue and toys don’t satisfy this hunger I feel for you.

I ask you if you’re close. You groan and say that you are. Between gasps and moans, you say how it’s taking every ounce of willpower not to cum because you know how much I love to push you and make you suffer and how important it is for you to take this torment for me. Hearing those words take me over the edge, releasing all that craving and desire, feeling my inner muscles clench tight against you as I gasp and moan and groan loudly.

I want to keep you inside me. Maybe ride my way into another orgasm, but mercifully I free you from my greedy inner grip and lay beside you. I kiss you deeply. You were such a good boy for me. I untie you, remove the vibrator from inside you and make you wrap your arms around me. Your cock is no longer allowed any contact with my skin. It’s been spoiled enough.

We let the flood of endorphins flow through us. Neither of us says anything for a while. Nothing needs to be said. You know you’ll be locked as soon as you soften up, as soon as that greedy thing between your legs ceases to twitch and jerk, craving more attention. 

I lock you up once again. I kiss you lovingly within your cage. You lift my face and place your lips tenderly against mine. It’s time for you place the chain and key back around my neck. You kiss the key and thank me for the privilege of being your keyholder.

Spoiled thing that I am, my body still craves more, so I nestle against the pillows on our bed and guide your head between my legs. You thank me over an over, moaning, kissing my inner thighs with love and devotion before putting that tongue to work, telling me over and over, as though I didn’t know already, how worshiping between my legs trumps any release I could give you.

That it’s the perfect gift to end such a perfect evening.

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