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#PayForYourPorn for “Coerced Bi” as applied to content creators

Piracy is epidemic. Tube sites are prolific in their distribution of stolen content with no sight of stopping or a glimpse of remuneration for our work. It’s demoralizing for creators as well as a nuisance to deal with it. From dedicating (read: wasting) designated periods of time to hunt down as many pirated clips in the plethora of sites, to hiring a service to do it instead, it’s a real threat to the morale and well-being of content creators, along with our industry.

What happens when the ones committing piracy are members of your community? Within the “coerced bi” or “forced bi” fetish category it’s not uncommon to see pictures and segments from existing content easily identifiable by a google search, or a tube search.

The average clip created with these images and segments consists of encouragement or consensual humiliation focused on the customer’s fantasies. An erotic scene of watching a beautiful woman talking about those fantasies and tying them together with the stolen content.

It’s hypocritical.

If we’re to denounce piracy and the audience that leeches off of it, costing us hundreds to thousands of dollars, it must be seen as reprehensible to do the same with another person’s work.

Male clip artists exist, as do cam boys and other male performers one can get in touch with and buy content or pictures from, with the proper model release to use them. Rates will vary, and a question one must ask , is whether or not there will be an adequate return of investment between the cost of the commission and whether the clip sales involving it will be enough to break even and/or make enough of a profit for it to be worth it.

The likelihood of legal action being taken is slim to none. Few have the time and money to deal with it. Regardless, it’s not a question of copyright or legality. It’s a question of congruence within the industry. It’s a question of ethical and moral responsibility. But ethics and morality dont pay the bills.

This is why the normalization of purchasing content from others in the industry to use as part of clips, is something I’m adamant about.

Support your fellow sex workers. #PayForYourPorn, as it were. We cant ask others to respect and pay for what we’ve worked for if we don’t reciprocate.

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